D4 TRACK-TYPE TRACTOR POWER SHIFT Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly Caterpillar

Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly
1.1. (21)Fan Bearing
2.1. (22)Track Screws
3.1. (23)Steering Brakes
4.1. (24)Fan Belts
5.1. (25)Transmission And Torque Converter - Change Filter

(21)Fan Bearing

Lubricate at fitting until grease appears at relief valve.

(22)Track Screws

Lubricate track adjusting screws on both tracks. Total - 2 fittings.

(23)Steering Brakes

1. Adjust steering clutch brakes through access holes at rear of compartments. Release pedals. Remove covers.

2. Tighten adjusting screw until linings are tight on drum.

3. Loosen brake support screw locknut.

4. Tighten support screw until it just contacts brake drum. Back out one full turn and tighten locknut.

5. Back adjusting screw out 3 full turns to provide approximately 3 inches (76 mm) pedal free travel.

(24)Fan Belts

Check condition and adjustment. Belts should deflect 7/8inch (22 mm) under 25 lbs. (11,5 kg) force.

To adjust belts:

Loosen generator mounting bolts and move generator in or out as required. Tighten bolts.

(25)Transmission And Torque Converter - Change Filter

1. Remove floor plate.

2. Remove cover and element.

3. Remove and discard element.

4. Inspect seal, install new if necessary. Install new element, tighten retaining nut to 10 ± 2 lb. ft. (1,4 ± 0,3 mkg).

5. Install element and cover.

6. Start engine. Check oil level. Oil level should be at FULL mark on gauge. Add oil if necessary.