Lower all equipment before servicing hydraulic system.

Block blade before changing cutting edge or end bits.

Use caution when removing radiator cap, drain plugs, grease fittings or pressure taps.

------ WARNING! ------

To avoid possible weakening of the ROPS (Rollover Protection structure), consult a AVSpare dealer before altering the ROPS in any way. The protection offered by the ROPS will be impaired if it has been subjected to structural damage or has been involved in an overturn incident.


------ WARNING! ------

When using pressure air wear safety glasses and protective clothing. Maximum air pressure must be below 30 PSI (2 kg/cm2).


Do not attempt adjustments while tractor is moving or the engine running.

Wear gloves when handling cable.

Use the proper tools. Replace or repair broken or damaged equipment.

Wear safety glasses and shoes as the job requires.

Do not attempt repairs you do not understand.

Store oily rags or other combustible material in a safe place.

Operate engine only in well ventilated area.

Promote good housekeeping. Keep tools and work area clean.

Do not allow unauthorized personnel on tractor when it is being serviced.

Do not smoke while refueling.

Attach warning tags to controls while tractor is being serviced.

Turn disconnect switch OFF and remove key before servicing electrical system.

Read warning and caution information provided on the tractor. Follow servicing instructions carefully.