D5 TRACK-TYPE TRACTOR DIRECT DRIVE Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly Caterpillar

Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly
1.1. (18)Cable Control Shroud Bearings
2.1. (19)Cable Control Clutch Lever
3.1. (20)Bulldozer Tilt Brace
4.1. (21)Cable Control Lever Shaft And Brake Lever Bearings
5.1. (22)Fan Bearing
6.1. (23)Fan And Alternator Belts
7.1. (24)Transmission, Bevel Gear And Flywheel Clutch Compartments
8.1. (25)Tilt Cylinder Control Linkage
9.1. (26)Steering Clutch Brakes
10.2. Adjustment:
11.1. (27)Hydraulic Control Linkage
12.1. (28)Track
13.2. Hydraulic Adjustment
14.2. Mechanical Adjustment
15.1. (29)Air Conditioner

(18)Cable Control Shroud Bearings

Lubricate 6 fittings.

(19)Cable Control Clutch Lever

Lubricate 2 fittings, 1 on each side of cable control.

(20)Bulldozer Tilt Brace

Lubricate 1 fitting (5S Bulldozer) or 2 fittings (5A Bulldozer) on each side (if equipped).

(21)Cable Control Lever Shaft And Brake Lever Bearings

Lubricate 4 fittings.

Lubricate 2 fittings on each side of cable control.

(22)Fan Bearing

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(23)Fan And Alternator Belts

1. Inspect condition of belts. Always install a matched set when belts need replacing.

2. Measure adjustment. Correct adjustment allows 7/8 inch (22 mm) deflection under 25 lbs ft (11.5 kg) force.

3. Loosen mounting and bracket bolts and move alternator to adjust belts. Tighten bolts.

(24)Transmission, Bevel Gear And Flywheel Clutch Compartments

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil or components can cause personal injury if they contact skin. Use caution when draining oil or changing filters.


Machine must be level, engine stopped, blade lowered with slight down pressure and brake lock applied.

1. Open access door to filter housing. Remove cover and used element.

2. Remove element retainer nut, retainer and element from cover.

3. Clean cover. Inspect seal and use new seal if necessary.

4. Install new element to cover. Tighten element retaining nut to 10 ± 2 lb ft (14 ± 3 N·m). Install cover assembly. Close access door.

5. Open access door. Remove cover, spring, screen and magnets.

------ WARNING! ------

When using pressure air, wear protective face shield and protective clothing. Maximum air pressure must be below 30 psi (205 kPa).



Do not drop or rap magnets against hard objects. Replace any damaged magnets.

6. Wash screen and magnets in clean nonflammable solvent. Clean magnets with a cloth, stiff brush or pressure air.

7. Inspect seal. Install new seal if necessary.
8. Install screen and magnets.
9. Install spring and cover.
10. Start engine and run at low idle for a few minutes to circulate oil. Inspect for leaks.

11. Measure oil level. Maintain oil level between FULL and ADD marks on dipstick. Add oil if necessary.

(25)Tilt Cylinder Control Linkage

Lubricate 1 fitting (if equipped).

(26)Steering Clutch Brakes

Measure adjustment. Adjust brakes when pedal travel reached 6 to 61/4 inches (15 to 16 cm).


1. Remove guard and cover. Tighten nut.

2. Loosen locknut. Tighten screw until tight, then back screw out 1 1/2 turns. Tighten locknut.

3. Loosen nut 3 turns.
4. Adjust opposite brake the same way. Check adjustment.
5. Install cover and guard.

(27)Hydraulic Control Linkage

Lubricate 1 fitting (if equipped).


NOTE: Tracks should be adjusted under the same conditions in which the machine will be used. If packing conditions prevail on the job, the tracks should be adjusted with packing present.

Run the tractor forward at least twice the length of the tractor, then allow tractor to coast to a stop. Do not brake tractor to stop it.

Hydraulic Adjustment


Do not attempt to tighten track when stop on adjusting rod is within .25 inch (6 mm), (A) of stop on roller frame. Contact your AVSpare dealer for track service.

1. Raise inspection plate and add multipurpose-type grease through fill valve until idler moves forward and track is tight.

2. Make a mark on the roller frame 1/2 inch (1 cm) behind the idler bearing support.

3. Be sure there is space for front idler to retract. Raise inspection plate.

------ WARNING! ------

Never visually inspect relief valve or fill valve to see if grease is escaping. Always observe the track to see if it has loosened.

Open relief valve one turn only.


4. Open relief valve and allow the idler to move back. Moving the machine in reverse will help move the idler back.
5. Close relief valve.

6. Add MPG through fill valve until mark on roller frame is aligned with rear edge of idler bearing support.

NOTE: See your AVSpare dealer if proper adjustment cannot be obtained.

Mechanical Adjustment

NOTE: Track adjustment, with screw-type adjusters, differs from the hydraulic type only in the adjustment mechanism itself.

The track must be adjusted 1/2 inch (1 cm) from fully tight position for proper adjustment.

1. Remove guard. Loosen rod clamp nuts.


Do not tighten track when dimension (A) is or will be more than 14.375 inches (365 mm). Damage to screw could result.

2. Turn adjusting nut clockwise to tighten tracks, counterclockwise to loosen to obtain correct adjustment.
3. Drive tractor back and forth. Recheck adjustment and dimension (A). Tighten clamp nuts and install guards.

NOTE: See your AVSpare dealer if proper adjustment cannot be obtained.

(29)Air Conditioner

1. Start and run engine at high idle. Set air conditioner controls for maximum cold with blower on HIGH. Allow 2 minutes for system to stabilize.

2. Observe sight glass. If bubbles are present, turn air conditioner OFF.

3. If no bubbles are present in sight glass, feel suction line (A) and discharge line (B). The discharge line should be warmer than the suction line.
4. If poor cooling is experienced, turn the air conditioner OFF.
5. Stop engine.
6. Have your AVSpare dealer service the air conditioner system if necessary.