D5 TRACK-TYPE TRACTOR DIRECT DRIVE Every 10 Service Hours Or Daily Caterpillar

Every 10 Service Hours Or Daily
1.1. (1)Radiator
2.1. (2)Engine Crankcase
3.1. (3)Precleaner
4.1. (4)Fuel Tank
5.1. (5)Water Separator-If Equipped


------ WARNING! ------

Always inspect cooling system with engine stopped.

Remove filler cap slowly to relieve pressure. Steam can cause personal injury.

Inhibitor contains alkali, avoid contact with skin and eyes to prevent personal injury.


1. Measure with engine stopped. Remove radiator cap slowly to relieve pressure.
2. Maintain coolant level to within 1/2 inch (1 cm) of bottom of fill pipe.
3. Inspect filler cap gasket and replace if damaged.

(2)Engine Crankcase

Measure oil level with engine stopped. Maintain oil level at FULL mark on gauge.


1. Inspect visually. Cup should be emptied whenever dirt reaches indicator mark. Loosen wing nut on top of cap and remove cap and cup.

2. Empty cup. Install cup and cap. Peridoically wash entire precleaner in water.

(4)Fuel Tank

Open fuel tank drain valve and allow water and sediment to drain. Close valve.

(5)Water Separator-If Equipped


Observe water separator. Drain any water before starting engine.

Anytime water separator becomes one-half full, stop the engine and drain separator.

NOTE: If element becomes contaminated enough that water cannot be seen through transparent cover, install new element. See WATER SEPARATOR under "WHEN REQUIRED".

Close fuel supply valve. Open drain valve (A) and vent valve (B). Drain water. Close both valves. Open fuel supply valve.