814 WHEEL TRACTOR Moving The Wheel Tractor Caterpillar

Moving The Wheel Tractor
1.1. Changing Gear Speed and Direction
2.1. Emergency Stops

1. Be sure safety link is in storage position.
2. Fasten seat belt.

3. Raise blade high enough to clear obstructions.

4. Push emergency and parking brake button. Do not move machine until the button remains depressed. (See page 19 for additional information.)

5. Push down on transmission safety lock.
6. Depress brake pedal.

7. Move transmission control to desired speed and direction.

8. Release brake pedal and depress accelerator.

NOTE: The engine will start when the transmission control lever is in other than NEUTRAL. Should this happen, move the lever to NEUTRAL for a few seconds then to desired gear speed and direction.

Changing Gear Speed and Direction

Turn transmission control to change gear speed. Speed changes may be made without decelerating or braking.

Directional shifts at full engine speed are permissible while in 1st or 2nd. Directional shifts in gear speed above 2nd should never be made at full engine speed. For safety, operator comfort and maximum service life of power train components, decelerating and/or braking is recommended.

Emergency Stops

When air pressure drops below safe operating pressure, the emergency brake will automatically apply. To stop machine before the emergency brake applies, pull the emergency and parking brake button.