980 WHEEL LOADER Every 500 Service Hours Caterpillar

Every 500 Service Hours
1.1. (27)Hydraulic System
2.1. (28)Brakes
3.2. To Adjust:
4.1. (29)Fuel Tank Filler Cap

(27)Hydraulic System

1. Stop engine and lower bucket. Move lift control to RAISE position.

2. Loosen implement filter drain and bleed plugs.

3. Remove cover and old elements.

4. Check cover seal. Install new seal if necessary.

5. Install new elements. Install cover with bleed plug on top. Tighten drain plug.

6. Loosen steering filter cover slowly to drain oil from housing.
7. Remove cover and old element.

8. Check cover seal. Install a new seal if necessary.
9. Install a new element. Install cover.

10. Move lift control to HOLD. Fill hydraulic tank to above ADD mark in sight gauge. Install cap loosely.

11. Start engine and tighten bleed plug when oil flows without air bubbles.

Add oil if necessary and install filler cap tightly.


Loader tires must be blocked, air system pressure NORMAL and parking brake released before checking brake adjustment.

When air chamber push rod free travel reaches 2 inches (50 mm) brakes require adjusting.

To Adjust:

1. Remove dust covers.
2. Push worm lock in to release worm.

3. Turn slack adjuster worm to obtain .010 inch (0,25 mm) clearance between lining and drum at a point midway between brake anchor pin and actuating cam.
4. Rotate worm clockwise to decrease clearance or counterclockwise to increase clearance.

NOTE: Each front wheel has 2 slack adjusters. When making adjustments, turn adjuster worms alternately 1/4 turn at a time until proper adjustment is obtained.

Be sure both push rods are bottomed in air chambers when adjustment is complete.

(29)Fuel Tank Filler Cap

1. Remove and disassemble cap.

2. Wash elements in clean kerosene.

3. Oil elements lightly. Assemble and install cap.