980 WHEEL LOADER Every 250 Service Hours Caterpillar

Every 250 Service Hours
1.1. (20)Engine Crankcase
2.1. (21)Transmission
3.1. (22)Steering Gear Housing And Shaft Lower Bearing
4.1. (23)Fan Drive
5.1. (24)Steering Follow-Up Linkage
6.1. (25)Fuel Tank
7.1. (26)Fan And Alternator Belts

(20)Engine Crankcase

1. Run engine long enough to warm the oil. Stop engine and open drain valve.

2. Remove filter drain plug.

3. Remove cover and old element.

4. Check cover seal. Install new seal if necessary.
5. Install new filter element. Install filter cover and drain plug.
6. Close crankcase drain valve.

7. Remove breather. Wash breather in clean kerosene.

8. Check seal. Install breather. Tighten bolt to 10 ± 2 lb. ft. (1,4 ± 0,3 mkg).

9. Fill crankcase. Refill capacity on page 28.

10. Check oil level. Oil should be in the crosshatched area on the ENGINE STOPPED side of gauge. Recheck oil level after operating a few minutes.


1. Remove plate for access to filter.

2. Remove filter cover and element.

3. Remove old element from cover and install a new element.
4. Install element and cover.

5. Remove cover and spring from magnetic strainer.

6. Remove screen and magnets. Wash screen in clean kerosene. Clean magnets with a stiff bristle brush or clean cloth. Do not drop or rap magnets.

7. Inspect seal and install a new one if necessary. Install magnets, screen, spring and cover.

8. Start engine and check oil level. Oil level should be to FULL mark on gauge.

9. Add oil if necessary.

(22)Steering Gear Housing And Shaft Lower Bearing

1. Maintain oil level to fill plug opening.

2. Remove plug and lubricate with 2 or 3 squirts of oil from an oil can. Install plug.

(23)Fan Drive

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(24)Steering Follow-Up Linkage

Lubricate 2 fittings.

(25)Fuel Tank

Remove plug and drain any accumulation of sediment or moisture.

(26)Fan And Alternator Belts

1. Check condition of belts. Always install a matched set when belts need replacing.

2. Check adjustment. Correct adjustment allows 7/8 inch (22 mm) deflection. Initial installation with new belts 3/4 inch (19 mm).

3. Loosen mounting bolts and move alternator to adjust belts. Tighten bolts.