PL61 Pipelayer Winch Cable - Replace Caterpillar

Winch Cable - Replace

------ WARNING! ------

Wear leather gloves when handling the winch cable.


Unroll the wire rope cable from the spool. Never lift the wire rope off the spool in coils.


Use the correct size ferrule for the winch cable in order to attach the winch cable to the load drum. Never use a knot in order to secure the winch cable to the load drum.

Table 1
Line Load 
Wire Rope  Diameter  Load Drum(1) 
Recommended  19 mm (0.75 inch)  91 m (299 ft) 
Optional  22 mm (0.875 inch)  66 m (216 ft) 
(1) Capacity

Table 2
Winch Capacity 
PA 50 Winch  Bare Drum  Full Drum 
Maximum Line Pull  22680 kg (50000 lb)  12247 kg (27000 lb) 
Maximum Line Speed  38 m/min (124 ft/min)(1)  70 m/min (230 ft/min)(1) 
(1) Maximum line speed is the no-load speed at the maximum line pull.

For the correct procedure to replace the winch cable, refer to Specifications, Systems Operation, Testing and Adjusting, Disassembly and Assembly, "Cable - Remove and Install" for the winch hydrostatic systems.