994F Wheel Loader Declaration of Conformity Caterpillar

Declaration of Conformity
994F Wheel Loader [SEBU7885]
994F Wheel Loader Declaration of Conformity

Table 1
An EC or EU Declaration of Conformity document was provided with the machine if it was manufactured to comply with specific requirements for the European Union. In order to determine the details of the applicable Directives, review the complete EC or EU Declaration of Conformity provided with the machine. The extract shown below from an EC or EU Declaration of Conformity for machines that are declared compliant to "2006/42/EC" applies only to those machines originally "CE" marked by the manufacturer listed and which have not since been modified. 
Manufacturer: AVSpare Inc., 100 N.E. Adams Street, Peoria, Illinois 61629, USA 
Person authorized to compile the Technical File and to communicate relevant part (s) of the Technical File to the Authorities of European Union Member States on request: 
  Standards & Regulations Manager,AVSpare France S.A.S,
40 Avenue Leon-Blum 38000 Grenoble, France 
I, the undersigned, _________, hereby certify that the construction equipment specified hereunder 
Description:  Generic Denomination:  Earth - moving Equipment   
  Function:  Wheeled Loader     
  Model/Type:  994F     
  Serial Number:       
  Commercial Name:  AVSpare     
Fulfils all the relevant provisions of the following Directives   
  Directives  Notified Body  Document No.   
  2006/42/EC  ....N/A.....     
  2000/14/EC amended by 2005/88/EC, Note (1)       
  2004/108/EC  ....N/A.....     
  2014/30/EU  ....N/A.....     
Note (1)  Annex -_____ Guaranteed Sound Power Level -_____dB (A)
Representative Equipment Type Sound Power Level - _____dB (A)
Engine Power per ____-____ kW Rated engine speed - _____ rpm
Technical Documentation accessible through person listed above authorized to compile the Technical File 
Done at:      Signature     
Date:      Name/Position     
Note: The above information was correct as of July, 2009, but may be subject to change, please refer to the individual declaration of conformity issued with the machine for exact details.