650 & 660 TRACTOR-SCRAPERS Before Starting Caterpillar

Before Starting
1.1. Positioning Seat

1. Check engine crankcase oil level. Oil level should be above FULL mark on gauge.

2. Check engine coolant level. Coolant should be approximately 1/2 inch (1 cm) below fill pipe.

3. Check transmission oil level. Oil should show on gauge.

4. Check air cleaner service indicator. Have filter serviced if RED indicator piston is locked in the visible position.

5. Check fuel level.

6. Check hydraulic system oil level. Oil should be above ADD mark on gauge.
7. Check tire pressures. (See page 31 for tire inflation pressures.)
8. Check controls for free movement.

Positioning Seat

1. Check seat suspension adjustment while seated.

2. Seat support edge must be even with adjustment line or injury can result.

3. Turn handle until edge is even with line.

4. Push lever to adjust seat forward or backward.

------ WARNING! ------

Seat adjustment must be checked at the beginning of each shift and when operators change. Always check condition of seat belt.