650 & 660 TRACTOR-SCRAPER Every 500 Service Hours Caterpillar

Every 500 Service Hours
1.1. (32)Hydraulic System - Change Filter Elements
2.1. (33)Diesel Engine Crankcase - Wash Breather
3.1. (34)Transmission System - Clean Magnetic Strainer
4.1. (35)Fuel Tank
5.1. (36)Fuel Tank Filler Cap

(32)Hydraulic System - Change Filter Elements

1. Lower bowl and apron. Stop engine. Move scraper controls to relieve pressure.

2. Remove filter cover, elements and screen.

3. Remove snap ring.

4. Remove screen.

5. Remove elements.

6. Wash screen in kerosene.

7. Install new elements and clean screen.

8. Install cover and tighten to 43 ± 4 lb. ft. (5,9 ± 0,6 mkg). Start engine.

9. Open filter bleed plug.
10. Close bleed plug when oil flows without air bubbles. Check oil level. Add oil if required.

(33)Diesel Engine Crankcase - Wash Breather

1. Loosen hose clamp and bolt.

2. Remove cover assembly and both elements. Wash elements in clean kerosene and dry.

3. Install elements and cover. Tighten hose clamp.

(34)Transmission System - Clean Magnetic Strainer

1. Remove cover.

2. Remove screen and magnets.

3. Remove magnets from screen and wash both in kerosene. Clean magnets with soft cloth or stiff brush. Do not jar or rap magnets.
4. Install screen and magnets as a unit with small end of tube out. Be sure screen is piloted on the tube.

5. Inspect seal. Use new seal if necessary.

6. Install cover.

(35)Fuel Tank

Open valve to drain water and sediment.

(36)Fuel Tank Filler Cap

Remove and disassemble cap. Wash parts in clean kerosene. Lightly oil element. Assemble and install cap.