650 & 660 TRACTOR-SCRAPER Every 250 Service Hours Caterpillar

Every 250 Service Hours
1.1. (22)Steering Gear Sector Housing
2.1. (23)Steering Column Lower Bearing
3.1. (24)Tractor Brake Camshaft Bearings
4.1. (25)Scraper Brake Camshaft Bearings
5.1. (26)Steering Column Upper Bearing
6.1. (27)Drive Shaft Universal Joints
7.1. (28)Transmission Filter
8.1. (29)Differential And Final Drive Breathers
9.1. (30)Brakes, Tractor And Scraper - Check
10.1. (31)Alternator Belt - Check

(22)Steering Gear Sector Housing

1. Remove fill plug.
2. Maintain level to bottom of filler opening.

(23)Steering Column Lower Bearing

Remove plug and add 2 or 3 squirts of oil.

(24)Tractor Brake Camshaft Bearings

Lubricate 2 fittings at each front wheel brake camshaft.

(25)Scraper Brake Camshaft Bearings

Lubricate 2 fittings at each scraper wheel camshaft.

(26)Steering Column Upper Bearing

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(27)Drive Shaft Universal Joints

Lubricate 1 fitting each at front and rear universal joints.

(28)Transmission Filter

1. Remove drain plug.

2. Remove cover and element.

3. Clean filter housing.

4. Remove element from cover.

5. Inspect seals. Use new seals if necessary.

6. Install new element. Tighten to 10 ± 2 lb. ft. (1,5 ± 0,5 mkg). Install cover.
7. Clean and install drain plug. Tighten to 35 ± 5 ft. lb. (4,8 ± 0,7 mkg).

8. Start and operate machine a few minutes. Check oil level and add if necessary.

(29)Differential And Final Drive Breathers

1. Remove breather and wash in kerosene.

2. Lightly oil element and install.

(30)Brakes, Tractor And Scraper - Check

1. Release brakes and check distance from rotochamber to slack adjuster arm.

2. Engage brakes and check travel of arm. If more than 3 inches (7,6 mm), adjust brakes.

3. To adjust, turn locking bolt 1/2 turn counterclockwise.

4. Turn adjusting worm in or out to obtain 2 1/2 inches (6,4 mm) free travel.

5. Turn locking bolt 1/2 turn clockwise.

6. Check for binding of rod and brake drag. Check diaphragm for leaks.

(31)Alternator Belt - Check

1. Check condition and adjustment. Belt should deflect 1/2 to 3/4inch (14 to 20 mm) under 25 lb. (11,5 kg) force. To adjust, loosen locknut.

2. Turn adjusting nut to obtain correct deflection. Tighten locknut.