650 & 660 TRACTOR-SCRAPER Every 50 Service Hours Caterpillar

Every 50 Service Hours
650 & 660 TRACTOR-SCRAPER [GEG00475]
1.1. (8)Front Axle Rear Socket
2.1. (9)Steering Cylinder
3.1. (10)Steering Link Sockets
4.1. (11)Front Axle Spindle Pins
5.1. (12)Steering Rod Sockets
6.1. (13)Steering Arm Pin
7.1. (14)Hitch Bearings
8.1. (15)Front Spring Roller
9.1. (16)Front Spring Anchor Pin
10.1. (17)Front Spring Pivot Shaft
11.1. (18)Batteries

(8)Front Axle Rear Socket

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(9)Steering Cylinder

Lubricate 1 fitting in each rod and pivot end.

(10)Steering Link Sockets

Lubricate 1 fitting in each end of link.

(11)Front Axle Spindle Pins

Lubricate 2 fittings at each front wheel.

(12)Steering Rod Sockets

Lubricate 1 fitting at inner end of each rod and 1 fitting at outer end of each rod.

(13)Steering Arm Pin

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(14)Hitch Bearings

Lubricate 1 yoke pin bearing on each side of machine. Lubricate king bolt, 1 fitting each side, 3 king bolt bracket bearings and 2 yoke bearings. Total 9 fittings.

(15)Front Spring Roller

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(16)Front Spring Anchor Pin

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(17)Front Spring Pivot Shaft

Lubricate 1 fitting.


Maintain electrolyte level at bottom of triangle in filler tube. At proper charge rate, batteries will require no more than 1 oz. (30 cc) of water per cell per week.