657 WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER Fuel And Lubricant Specifications Caterpillar

Fuel And Lubricant Specifications
1.1. Diesel Fuel
2.1. Engine Oils (EO)
3.1. Lubricating Grease (MPGM)
4.1. Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)
5.1. Multipurpose-type Gear Lubricant (MPL)
6.1. General Service Recommendations

NOTE: The abbreviations listed below follow S.A.E. J754 nomenclature. The classifications follow S.A.E. J183 classifications. The MIL specifications are U.S.A. Military Specifications. These definitions will be of assistance in purchasing. The specific classifications for this machine are found on the "RECOMMENDED LUBRICANTS" chart.

Diesel Fuel

Use only distillate fuels (ASTM No. 1 or No. 2 Fuel Oil or No. 1D or No. 2D Diesel Fuel Oil) with a minimum cetane number of 35. Heavier oil is generally preferable because of its higher energy content. Contact your AVSpare dealer regarding fuels marketed in your area.

Engine Oils (EO)

CD - Use oils that meet Engine Service Classification CD or MIL-L-2104C.

CC - Use oils that meet Engine Service Classification CC, MIL-L-2104B or MIL-L-46152.

EO - CD or CC.

Lubricating Grease (MPGM)

Use Multipurpose-type Grease ( MPGM) which contains 3-5% molybdenum disulfide conforming to MIL-M-7866, and a suitable corrosion inhibitor. NLGI No. 2 Grade is suitable for most temperatures. Use NLGI No. 1 or No. 0 Grade for extremely low temperatures.

Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)

Use ( EO) or industrial-type hydraulic oils which are certified by the supplier as having anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-oxidation additive properties for heavy duty use.

Multipurpose-type Gear Lubricant (MPL)

Use Gear Lubricant Classification GL-5, or MIL-L-2105B

General Service Recommendations

NOTE: The engine cooling system is protected to -20°F (-29°C), with permanent-type antifreeze, when shipped from the factory.

Fill fuel tank at the end of each day of operation to drive out moisture laden air and prevent condensation.

Add AVSpare Corrosion Inhibitor. Follow recommendations given on container.

Use clean water that is low in scale forming minerals, not softened water.

Check fuel level with dipstick in filler opening.

Wipe all fittings, caps and plugs before servicing.