641B & 651B TRACTOR-SCRAPERS Fuel and Lubricant Specifications Caterpillar

Fuel and Lubricant Specifications
1.1. Diesel Fuel
2.1. Transmission Oil (CD/TO-2)
3.1. Engine Oils (CD)
4.1. Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)
5.1. Multipurpose-type Gear Lubricant (MPL)
6.1. Lubricating Grease (MPG)
7.1. Wheel Coolant (WC)

NOTE: The abbreviations listed below follow S.A.E. J754 nomenclature. The classifications follow S.A.E. J183 classifications. The MIL specifications are U.S.A. Military Specifications. These definitions will be of assistance in purchasing. The specific classifications for this machine are found on the "RECOMMENDED LUBRICANTS" chart.

Diesel Fuel

Distillate fuels that conform to ASTM No. 1 or No. 2 Fuel Oil or No. 1D or No. 2D Diesel Fuel Oil. Specifications with a minimum cetane of 35 are preferred fuels and provide proven maximum engine service life.

Some crude oils and blended fuels are regarded as permissible and can be used with extra fuel filters and adjusted oil change periods. However, this will result in less than maximum engine service life.

Contact your AVSpare dealer regarding the AVSpare SPECIAL INSTRUCTION titled "FUELS FOR AVSpare DIESEL ENGINES", FORM SEHS7067, which specifies requirements for other preferred and permissible fuels.

Transmission Oil (CD/TO-2)

Use Service Classification CD oils that have satisfactory friction retention performance in the AVSpare Oil Test No. TO-2: Referred to as Service Class ( CD/TO-2) Oil.

Engine Oils (CD)

Use oils that meet Engine Service Classification CD (MIL-L-2104C) or CD/TO-2.

Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)

Use Engine Service Classification CC (MIL-L-2104B), (MIL-L-46152), CD, or industrial-type hydraulic oils which are certified by the supplier as having antiwear, antifoam, antirust and anti-oxidation additive properties for heavy duty use.

Multipurpose-type Gear Lubricant (MPL)

Use Gear Lubricant Classification GL-5 (MIL-L-2105B).

Lubricating Grease (MPG)

Use Multipurpose-type Grease ( MPG). Multipurpose-type grease which contains 3% to 5% molybdenum disulfide is also acceptable, and preferred. NGLI No. 2 Grade is suitable for most temperatures. Use NLGI No. 1 or No. 0 Grade for extremely low temperatures.

Wheel Coolant (WC)

Use a solution of 20% antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) and 80% water.