613 TRACTOR-SCRAPER Operating Adjustments Caterpillar

Operating Adjustments
1.1. Elevator Drive Sprocket
2.1. Chain Support Rollers
3.1. Opening at Cutting Edge
4.1. Center Cutting Edge

Elevator Drive Sprocket

1. Top shaft should remain parallel with bottom shaft. If adjustment is necessary loosen bracket mounting bolts. Move assembly up or down as required.

2. Both sprockets should be adjusted, if necessary, to align chain assembly.

Chain Support Rollers

1. Chain should have 6 to 9 inches (150 to 230 mm) of slack, measured midway between upper and lower rollers at lower loop.

2. Block under chain to relieve weight on roller.

3. Remove lower bolt from bracket.

4. Loosen bracket upper bolt.

5. Move bracket and roller to align alternate holes in bracket.

6. Install lower bolt and tighten upper bolt. For adjustments over 3 inches, replace a link with a half link.

Opening at Cutting Edge

1. Opening between cutting edge and elevator flights can be adjusted from 1 inch (25 mm) to 16 inches (400 mm).

2. Block elevator to keep it from moving.

3. Remove bolts from elevator lower support blocks. Remove shims to decrease opening. Add shims to increase opening. Install bolts.

Smaller opening is helpful in retaining loose materials such as sand.

Center Cutting Edge

1. Remove center cutting edge mounting bolts.

2. Remove cutting edge.

3. Reverse cutting edge for additional life.

4. For offset center cutting edge move end cutting edges to front bolt position.

5. Align end cutting edges with center cutting edge for finish work.

6. Bolt-on cutting edge teeth can be installed for easier penetration of material.