613 TRACTOR-SCRAPER Starting the Engine Caterpillar

Starting the Engine
1.1. When Starting Fluid is Required
2.1. Starting With Boost

1. Pull parking brake control to engage parking brake.

2. Move all scraper controls to HOLD.

3. Move transmission control to NEUTRAL. Engage lock.

4. Depress accelerator to half speed.

5. Turn disconnect switch ON.

6. Turn start-run switch to START. Release as soon as engine starts.

When Starting Fluid is Required

7. If starting fluid is required, pull out quick start button. Wait 2 to 3 seconds. Push in knob, wait 2 to 3 seconds, then turn start-run switch to START.

------ WARNING! ------

A metered amount of fluid sufficient to help start the engine is released each time the quick start button is used.


Starting With Boost

------ WARNING! ------

Attach ground cable last, and remove first, to prevent sparks from occurring near the battery which could cause battery vapors to explode. Attach ground cable from booster battery to starter ground terminal on machine to be started.



When using jumper cables, be sure to connect in parallel: POSITIVE (+) to POSITIVE (+) and NEGATIVE (-) to NEGATIVE (-).