613 TRACTOR-SCRAPER Before Starting Caterpillar

Before Starting
1.1. Walk-Around Checks
2.1. Positioning Seat

Walk-Around Checks

For your own safety, and maximum service life of the tractor-scraper, make a thorough walk-around inspection before mounting the tractor-scraper or starting the engine. Check for such items as loose bolts, trash build-up, oil or coolant leaks, condition and inflation of tires, condition of cutting edges, cutting edge teeth and elevator flights.

1. Check crankcase oil level. Oil level must be in SAFE STARTING RANGE on ENGINE STOPPED side of dipstick.

2. Check coolant level. Maintain level 1/2 inch (1 cm) below bottom of fill pipe. Remove cap slowly to relieve pressure.

3. Check hydraulic system oil level. Maintain level above ADD mark in sight gauge or to FULL mark on dipstick.

4. Check air cleaner service indicator. If RED piston is locked in the visible position, have air cleaner serviced.

5. Check fuel level.

6. Check transmission oil level. Oil should show on dipstick.
7. Check tire pressures. (Refer to TIRE INFLATION INFORMATION.)
8. Check controls for free movement.

Positioning Seat

1. To raise seat turn control knob clockwise.

To lower seat turn control knob counterclockwise.

2. On machines serial numbers 71M1-71M299, to increase shock absorber charge, connect an outside air supply to air valve. (Maximum air pressure to 110 PSI (7.73 kg/cm2) (758 kPa).

To decrease shock absorber charge bleed air valve.

3. On machines effective with serial number 71M300 and up, push to increase shock absorber charge. Pull to decrease shock absorber charge.

4. Push lever to adjust seat forward or backward.

5. Pull lever to adjust angle forward or backward.

------ WARNING! ------

Seat adjustment must be checked at the beginning of each shift and when operators change. Always check condition of seat belt.