983 TRAXCAVATOR General Information Caterpillar

General Information
1.1. Hydraulic System
2.1. Cooling System
3.1. Cleaning Cooling System
4.1. Wiring Diagram

Hydraulic System

Always lower all equipment or install lift arm support before servicing hydraulic components.

Stop engine and move controls to relieve pressure before servicing hydraulic system.

Cooling System

Use clean water that is low in scale forming minerals, not softened water. Never add coolant to an overheated engine. Allow engine to cool first.

Add AVSpare Rust Inhibitor to coolant except when using permanent-type antifreeze containing rust inhibitors.

Check specific gravity of antifreeze solution frequently to assure adequate protection.

Coolant should be warm and Traxcavator parked on level ground before draining cooling system.

Cleaning Cooling System

1. Run engine long enough to warm coolant. Stop engine and loosen filler cap to relieve pressure.

2. Remove filler cap.

3. Lower front guard. Open valve and drain coolant.

4. Close drain valve and fill system with cleaning solution. (*)

5. Start and run engine 1/2hour. Stop engine and open drain valve.

6. Flush system with clear water until draining water is clear.

7. Close drain valve.

8. Fill system with neutralizing solution. (**)

9. Start and run engine 10 minutes. Stop engine and open drain valve.

10. Flush system with clear water.

11. Close drain valve and add coolant to proper level.

(*)1 lb. (0,45 kg) Sodium Bisulphate (NaHSO4) per 5 gal. (19 ltr.) water.

(**)1/2 lb. (0,23 kg) Sodium Carbonate Crystals (Na2 CO3, 10H2O) per 10 gal. (37,9 ltr) water.

NOTE: Most commercial cooling system cleaners may be used.

Wiring Diagram