983 TRAXCAVATOR When Required Caterpillar

When Required
1.1. (25)Air Cleaner Elements
2.2. Servicing Primary Elements
3.2. Servicing Secondary Element

(25)Air Cleaner Elements

Service elements if indicator shows RED with engine running.

Never service air cleaner elements while engine is running.

Servicing Primary Elements

1. Open access door. Remove primary element.

2. Clean inside of air cleaner body.

3. Clean and inspect element. (See page 30.)

4. Install clean element.

If indicator shows RED shortly after installation of clean primary element and element has been cleaned 6 to 8 times, change element.

If new primary element was used and indicator shows RED, service secondary element.

Servicing Secondary Element

1. Open access door and remove primary element.

2. Remove secondary element.

3. Cover air inlet opening.

4. Clean and inspect element. Use new gasket.

5. Uncover air inlet opening and install clean secondary element.

6. Tighten retaining nuts to 20 ± 5 lb. ft. (2,8 ± 0,7 mkg).

7. Install primary element. Close access door.

If indicator shows RED shortly after cleaning, change secondary element.