992 WHEEL LOADER Towing The Loader Caterpillar

Towing The Loader
1.1. Engine Running
2.1. Engine Stopped

These instructions are for emergencies ONLY. Always haul the loader if long distances must be traveled.

Engine Running


The loader can be towed a SHORT DISTANCE, pulled out of mud or to the side of the road, if the power train and steering system are operable, and the engine is running. The operator on the towed loader MUST steer in the direction of the tow line.

Engine Stopped

------ WARNING! ------

Do not push the loader with the engine stopped. The brakes, steering and bucket controls will not function.

Use a tow bar if machine is to be moved more than a few feet.


------ WARNING! ------

Personnel must NOT be on the loader when it is being towed with the engine stopped.


The loader can be towed up to 2 miles (3.2 km), but ONLY if 5 mph (8 km/hr) is not exceeded and the following precautionary steps are taken.

1. Remove the axle shafts if internal transmission or drive line failure is suspected.

2. Disconnect the steering followup linkage to prevent damage to the machine.

3. Reverse the hydraulic steering hoses connections, IN ONE CYLINDER ONLY, so the steering cylinders can move freely.


Be sure the cylinder hoses are connected correctly before operating the loader. With the hoses reversed, the steering system will not operate.