992 WHEEL LOADER Tire Inflation Information Caterpillar

Tire Inflation Information
1.1. Conventional Tire Information
2.1. Beadless Tire Information

Conventional Tire Information

------ WARNING! ------

Use a self attaching air chuck and stand behind tread of tire when adding air.


Beadless Tire Information

It is recommended that the tire pressure be set at 120 ± 5 PSI (8.4 ± 0.35 kg/cm2) (827 ± 34.5 kPa), cold.

Pressure readings should be taken only when the machine has been setting long enough for the temperature of the tire to equal ambient temperature.

------ WARNING! ------

Do not inflate the tire carcass above 2 PSI (0.14 kg/cm2) (13.78 kPa) without approved rims and belts in place, as internal damage or carcass rupture may occur.

Do not remove the valve core from an inflated tire except with the special valve core tool (5P161).

Machines with Beadless Tires are equipped with fender extensions. These extensions will prevent extensive damage in the event of a total belt failure. DO NOT OPERATE THE MACHINE WITH FENDER EXTENSIONS REMOVED OR DAMAGED.



To prevent damage to the beadless tire belt, do not operate with missing or loose bolts.

Check track shoe mounting bolts periodically for tightness. Tighten to 350 ± 50 lb. ft. (476 ± 68 N·m) plus 1/3 turn.