992 WHEEL LOADER Operating Adjustments Caterpillar

Operating Adjustments
1.1. Bucket Lift Kick-out
2.2. Bucket Positioner
3.2. Dump Kickout

Bucket Lift Kick-out

1. Raise bucket to desired height and stop engine.

2. Position high point on cam against roller on valve lever.

3. Lower bucket to ground.

4. Start engine and lock bucket lift control in RAISE position.

5. At pre-set lift height, control will return to HOLD position.

Adjust kickout to eliminate unnecessary lift height.

Bucket Positioner

1. Lower bucket to ground.

2. Position bucket at desired angle to ground. Stop engine.

3. Loosen bolts and move cam to position valve roller 0.12 inch (3,0 mm) back on the cam ramp.

4. Start engine. Raise and dump bucket. Move tilt control lever to TILT BACK position.

5. When pre-set bucket angle is reached, control lever will return to HOLD position.

Dump Kickout

1. Raise bucket. Dump bucket to a position just before dump stops are contacted.

2. Loosen mounting bolts and position valve roller on high point of cam. Tighten mounting bolts.

3. Start engine, tilt bucket back and move tilt control to DUMP position.

4. Control lever will return to HOLD just before dump stops are contacted.