824 AND 834 WHEEL TRACTORS Moving The Tractor Caterpillar

Moving The Tractor
1.1. Emergency Braking System
2.1. Manual Release of Emergency Brake

1. Raise blade approximately 15 inches (380 mm), or high enough to provide adequate ground clearance.

2. Release parking brake.

3. Release range selector safety lock.

Be sure area is clear of personnel and obstructions.

4. Move range selector to desired speed position.

5. Depress accelerator.

For safety, operator comfort and maximum service life of power train components, deceleration and/or braking is recommended before any directional shifts are made.

Emergency Braking System

Loss of brake pressure will cause the brake indicator on the instrument panel to show RED and the emergency brake to automatically engage-stopping the machine. If operating under load a warning horn will sound also.

Manual Release of Emergency Brake

1. Block wheels to keep from rolling when brake is released.

2. Install safety link.

3. Remove bolts from storage holes in cover.

4. Install bolts in forcing holes and tighten until a solid resistance is felt.

5. Remove bolts from forcing holes before operating after brakes have been serviced.