941 TRAXCAVATOR 100 Service Hours Caterpillar

100 Service Hours
1.1. (25)Check final drive oil level
2.1. (26)Check radiator hoses and clamps
3.1. (27)Drain sediment from fuel tank
4.1. (28)Check lift kickout adjustment
5.2. To Adjust
6.1. (29)Check bucket positioner adjustment
7.2. To Adjust

(25)Check final drive oil level

1. REMOVE fill plug

2. CHECK oil level - oil should be to level of fill plug

ADD oil as required

3. INSTALL fill plug

(26)Check radiator hoses and clamps

REPLACE hoses as necessary Keep clamps TIGHT

(27)Drain sediment from fuel tank

1. OPEN drain valve

2. DRAIN sediment

3. CLOSE drain valve

(28)Check lift kickout adjustment

Lift control MUST RETURN to HOLD from RAISE before ...

... lift cylinder pistons reach the end of their strokes

To Adjust

1. LOOSEN bolts

2. MOVE bolt .. .. UP to DECREASE lift height ... .. DOWN to INCREASE lift height

TIGHTEN both bolts

(29)Check bucket positioner adjustment

Bucket is at preset digging angle when ..

... Indicators are ALIGNED and ..

... Tilt control RETURNS to HOLD from TILT BACK

To Adjust

1. LOOSEN nuts

2. MOVE cam UP to INCREASE digging angle

3. MOVE cam DOWN to DECREASE digging angle

4. TIGHTEN nuts